Our Story

It all started with "a kernel" of an idea.

Truthful Kernel

Solving a Common Problem

Like many people, Jon Jew used to work for a company where he spent a large amount of time on the road. On long drives, Jon needed snacks to break the monotony and was quickly disappointed by what he found on the market. The snacks that tasted good were full of unhealthy fats, oils, additives, and preservatives, while the healthy snacks tasted bland and boring. That’s when "a kernel” of an idea was born.

Jon liked popcorn and already knew it was full of antioxidants and fiber, so he started making homemade popcorn to take with him on the road. His son started by sampling the product and soon became involved in producing different flavors for his father to take with him. Together, they spent years experimenting with different popcorns, oils, flavorings, and popping methods before they finally achieved several flavors they liked. Turns out others liked what they were making too.

No Compromises

Jon and Tommy have a mission for their company that's pretty simple: use high quality, gourmet ingredients and create a snack option for people who don’t want to compromise their health for their taste buds.

That’s why Truthful Kernel’s products are made with locally grown organic corn, 100% grapeseed oil, and organic butter that is carefully browned for flavor.

Popcorn Made in Small Batches

A Passion for Popcorn

Needless to say, Jon and Tommy are popcorn connoisseurs and you won’t find two people more passionate about popcorn. Even after starting Truthful Kernel, Jon and Tommy have refused to sit back and rest. This father-son team is still constantly in the kitchen, working on new recipes and trying new ingredients, all in the name of keeping people’s taste buds and bodies happy. So try a bag, and see what 25 years of passion for popcorn tastes like.

Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Jon and Tommy

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